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The Beautiful Eyelash Extensions In HCMC Are Cheap And Reputable

“Eyes are the window to the soul,” a beautiful eye will create attraction and charm to the opposite. To get the charm from the eyes many women have resorted to eyelash extensions. So where is the beautiful eyelash extensions in HCMC?


the beautiful eyelash extensions in HCMC


Eyelash extensions are a beauty method that is not too complicated and affects our bodies. For those who have very few, not curled eyelashes, come with eyelash extensions, all problems will be solved, helping you own the curly eyelashes easily.


A Nails – the beautiful eyelash extensions in HCMC will help you get beautiful eyes but still keep the natural look, completely unlike when attaching false eyelashes. This is a highlight that not all eyelash extensions can do.


What is eyelash extensions?


Eyelash extensions are a method of connecting false eyelashes to real eyelashes in order to overcome the disadvantages such as:


  • The real eyelashes are few, thin and weak
  • The real eyelashes are not curled
  • Some cases of bald eyelashes
  • Customers do not want to attach false eyelashes
  • Customers want long, curved eyelashes but still natural


the beautiful eyelash extensions in HCMC


To overcome the disadvantages on many girls, they have come to A Nails – the beautiful eyelash extensions in HCMC.

With A Nails you can be completely assured when performing eyelash extensions service, because we use glue for eyelash extensions with the following advantages:


  • Glue made from herbs, helps limit the damage to the eyes as some other types of glue.
  • Time to hold eyelashes has been extended, can last more than 1 month
  • Not irritating, itchy eyes even the most sensitive eyes.
  • Make eyelash extensions soft, smooth and not heavy on eyes

Products and tools used in the process of eyelash extensions are guaranteed quality from fake lashes, eyelash removal solution …




The reason should have eyelash extensions at A Nails


– Reasonable price: Each eyelash extensions will have different prices, but the common price of eyelash extensions at A Nails is suitable for the majority of customers.


– Quality: including 3 elements:

  • Naturally beautiful no matter what type of eyelash extensions.
  • Gentle on the eyes and does not cause stinging, itching or eye irritation even on sensitive eyes.
  • Lashes last long, up to more than 1 month even up to 2 months.

– Eyelash extensions are available with all different styles and technologies

– Time to complete quickly.


If you believe and want to have beautiful, durable and safe eyelashes, come to A Nails – the beautiful eyelash extensions in HCMC, ensuring our eyelash extensions service will make you satisfied.


Contact Information

A Nails Luxury Boutique

Address: 179 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC

Hotline: 0908 450 915



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