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Professional Nail Care And Nail Art At A Nails

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Beauty is no longer simply focused on the face, skin or hair, but also cared for smaller details such as nails, toenails. Nail care and nail art, though only small details, will help you look more lovely and more attractive to the opposite person by their special colors.


Nail care and nail art


Owning a beautiful set of nails, creating accents, expressing your personality as well as attracting the gaze of people around. Nail care and nail art at A Nails, you are enthusiastically consulted to choose the right nail template, combined with quality gel nail polish with a team of experienced, skilled professionals, promising to to satisfy even the fastidious customers.


Nail care and nail art process at A Nails


First, you will perform basic nail hygiene steps such as: soaking your hands with warm water, exfoliating, picking up the skin.


Step 1: Clean and nail care

Cut excess skin, cut nails, file nails, edit nail shapes according to customer requirements.


Step 2: Apply nail polish

Nail polish helps protect the nails and allow the color of nail polish to be on the standard nail more.


Step 3: Apply color nail polish

Use specialized brushes and stickers to perform the nail designs you are about to do.


Step 4: Draw or decorate the nail as required by the customer

Make a pattern and draw or decorate the nail as required by the customer.


Step 5: Check the nail

Taking steps to remove the nail polish from the corners of nails after applying color nail polish and before applying nail polish, helps to take advantage of quick drying time for colored nail polish.


Step 6: Nail polish to protect beautiful and durable nail colors

Apply a layer of nail protection to help the nail polish stay beautiful longer.


Nail care and nail art


Located at 179 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. A Nails is the address for nail care and nail art that many customers trust and choose and appreciate.


Coming to A Nails, performing nail care and nail art, customers will be completely relaxed by the quiet, polite and elegant space, comfortable with melodious music, soothing, faintly scent oil has a sedative effect here.


Besides, with a team of experienced technicians, highly skilled, A Nails will bring you the most quality, safe and effective service packages.


When in need of nail care, contact A Nails immediately!


Contact Information

A Nails Luxury Boutique

Address: 179 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC

Hotline: 0908 450 915



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